Recession Proof Pastimes

With everybody trying to save not just pennies but dollars here and dollars there, I put to practice penny pinching with my favorite hobbies.

* Reading Books! It’s one of the most entertaining and least expensive hobbies I can think of – simply obtain a free library card and borrow all the books that you possibly can carry. Of course, if you do not return your books on time or do not renew them before the due date, then fines you will have to pay. I appreciate the deadline the library sets for me – I finish the books in quick succession! The library is the cheapest way to read, but and are two great online resources for buying books inexpensively.

IF you live in Raleigh, click this sentence to Wake County’s Library website.

* Watching TV!  Instead of paying for costly cable, we use our TV, a few cables, and our Mac laptop. Tyler and I watch television on the internet – from House, The Office, and Lost to Iron Chef America, and America’s Next Design Star. Of course, TVs, cables, and Mac laptops cost a lot of money. But, if you already have a TV and a laptop, then you may be on your way to saving money by not paying for cable and TIVo. The benefit to watching your favorite shows on the internet is that you can watch them anytime you like!

* Drinking Coffee! A cup of coffee joins most of us for everything that we do and everywhere we go. Instead of splurging at Starbucks every time you crave a cup of joe, consider these at home alternatives : a. drip coffee with flavored syrup b. french press c. an at home espresso machine. My favorite is the at home espresso machine. Purchasing a good one is a few dollars, but the money it saves per your favorite latte or mocha is worth it. I recommend the Nespresso automatic espresso machine – the espresso is rich and the milk is frothy!

Enjoy, less expensively!

reading is actually fun, at least to me... 😉

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