Dress Well Spend Well

One of the simple ways to save money on clothing is to sign up for the email updates from your favorite stores. I love knowing that I can get the same great dress for an on sale price!

Store that include email updates:

J. Crew
Gap, Inc. and all of their companies
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor Loft
(some of my favs – I receive email updates from all of these stores)

This week, Ann Taylor Loft has started their Fall Sale – up to 60% off!
I saw a great tulip skirt in October 09’s Real Simple from Ann Taylor Loft and now that it’s on sale, my Tuesday To Do List is expanded. I am going to the mall today!

It’s so simple
*Choose your favorite stores – you know them already!
*Find them online and go to their website
*Search for their online updates signup block – When my friend Sarah searched for gap.com’s sign up box, it’s farther down on the rightish hand side – sort of hard to see if you ask us!
* Some of the websites ask you for the clothing that you are interested in and create a personal mini profile
* Enjoy receiving your retail updates and saving money!

EXTRA TIP: I like to get both the new items emails and the sale emails. I only look (I do not go try the clothes on) through the new items emails and decide what I think will just be wonderful for me to buy WHEN IT’S ON SALE. Once I receive the season’s sale email, I am so excited! I try to shop the sale the first day so that there is big selection and my sizes will be available.

So, start your simply savings on this season’s clothes!

[I will let you know how it goes at Ann Taylor Loft today {on twitter}.]

updateI also bought a wedding present at Pottery Barn (they distribute emails too). Instead of paying 50 dollars, it was only twenty five! I purchased the same great glass serveware for HALF the cost!

One thought on “Dress Well Spend Well

  1. oh girl. i didn’t even finish reading your post when i was already on anthropologie’s site clicking the “send me emails” button! thanks for this oh so wonderful tip! and those tulip skirts are cute! which one did you end up getting?

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