Frugal girl, You Don’t Have to Give Up Fashion

From the NEWRaleigh blog, I just read on twitter that an H&M is coming to Crabtree Valley Mall! SO EXCITING!

I do not know if you know of this store, seen one of their ads, or even know why you are to be so excited – so I will tell you!!

This store retails designer looks at a recession consumer happy price. (They have been around since before the recession – a bit ahead of the curve, don’t you think!?).
From the H&M About section on their website, their business concept –

“Our business concept is to give the customer unbeatable value by offering fashion and quality at the best price. To be sure we can offer the latest fashions we have a design and buying department that creates our clothing collections.” How fashionable!
I am sure their clothes will look good on you and their price will look good on your wallet!

4 thoughts on “Frugal girl, You Don’t Have to Give Up Fashion

  1. Yay for you!! H&M is my very favorite! We always have to hunt them down on vacation- we spent more time at the 2 we found in Boston than I think we did anywhere else! I keep hoping we’ll get one… we’ve got all the other ‘cool’ shops… keeping my fingers crossed! love you!

  2. I’m officially following your blog!! And you can follow ours too: — just started last week (since we’re not on facebook anymore). PS – H&M is good news!

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