The September Issue (2009)

After watching this documentary, I  (for the lowest price I can find online) subscribed to Vogue magazine – for all of the obvious reasons.

The September Issue (2009) is a film documentary of the making of the 2007 September issue of Vogue USA. September is the January of the fashion industry. Vogue is the leading fashion magazine of the world and Anna Wintour, its editor, is the most powerful person in fashion today. In the new year issue, Wintour debuts fashion designers’ new clothing lines. What she decides gets photographed and published determines whose runway fashions will be flaunted on the real life downtown streets.

I have wanted to see this movie since I first saw the magazine ad in Real Simple (remember, I read each and every issue from front to back cover). I have waited and waited. I have wanted and wanted. And my waiting and wanting was finally fulfilled this past weekend. My precious dear heart husband (precious and dear heart for many more and greater reasons than the fact that he went with me to this documentary but also proved in the fact that he went with me) and I enjoyed this much anticipated film at Raleigh’s locally owned Six Forks Theater – not glamorous, but welcoming and tidy.

my little iphone pic
he really was there!! - my little iphone pic

It is amazing to watch and to learn how all of the designers and the editors work together to shape each issue of Vogue. Wintour is a calculating, determined, subtle woman who has a focused eye for what is now, new, and next in fashion. Her counterpart, Grace Coddington, the Creative Director for the magazine, is whimsical, professional, artistic, and stunningly both aloof and approachable. (Without knowing it was hers, her work was my favorite in the September 2009 issue – a play on the story of Little Red Riding Hood featuring story book like pictures with the new red and indulgent ladylike capes.) Anna and Grace work together with a team of other talented professionals to bring to the magazine’s readers the best the fashion industry has to offer.

The movie was directed and produced by R. J. Cutler and his documentary won the Grand Jury Prize for Excellence in Cinematography at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. The film was nationally released September 11, 2009 and I am sure it will be available on Netflix soon! Scenes include designers such as Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

For every person that wears clothes, this documentary is for you. It is an eye opening exploration of how what we wear from the racks first came from the runway and the women and men who rule it all.

Now you can subscribe, too.

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