One of My Life Goals :: To Be Healthy

A couple of months ago, I started to fulfill one of my life goals – to join a Jazzercise class! This may seem like a silly life goal, but it’s all apart of one of my bigger life goal, to stay fit and healthy. I am certainly do not always pursue this goal very well, but Jazzercise makes it more fun and alot easier!

Right after Tyler and I moved into our new townhome, I checked out to learn where Raleigh’s weekly classes meet. (Find a location near you!)

The class at Dynamic Sound near me meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9AM – I attend three times out of the four times, because I attend Bible Study at Wednesday. The class costs $30.00 per month with automatic bank account withdrawal. Since I attend three times a week, this equals to about $2.50 per class – what a deal!

I love love love getting a full body cardio and toning workout to music in only one hour!

This morning I brought a friend with my to Jazzercise just to see what she thought! She is a girl who exercises all the time – she just ran a 1/2 marathon! After bouncing around to the first couple of songs during the one hour class, we were both laughing at how all of this bouncing and funny dance moves were making us sweat! By the end of the class, we experienced the full body work out – our legs were tired and our arms, sore. Jazzercise is really fun and really serious!

Attending the Jazzercise class three times a week keeps me motivated to eat healthy and work out the other days of the week – I am fulfilling my goal to be healthy and fit!


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