October is for Organization – Update!

I know you were wondering about how I would get anything done on that list. I was almost certain none of it would get done. I am not usually this pessimistic, but sometimes I just get so overwhelmed.
Maybe October really is for overwhelmed.
However, thanks to my precious husband – I cannot get hardly anything done (well) without him – we have accomplished some of my list.

Ok – here’s the list from the beginning of October.

1. Clean out the downstairs closet.

2. Figure out where to put the downstairs closet’s possessions. It cannot go back into the closet.

3. Paint the walls. I’m not sure if I personally will paint the walls…

4. Hang picture frames.

5. Iron the drapes. I will personally do  this, please be proud.

6. Hang the rods – slide on the drapes.

7. Search on craigslist for two dining chairs. Hopefully purchase chairs for an amazingly inexpensive price and not even have to paint the chairs.

8. Paint the dining table and four chairs.

9. Create a very efficient office space for Tyler and me.

10. Help the person who will live in the downstairs bedroom move in.

Here’s what actually happened…

1. I rearranged the same stuff in the downstairs closet and probably added some more stuff from other rooms.

2. Well it didn’t go back – it’s just still in there.

3. We have to wait on a rug to paint. We had to wait on the fair to wait on the rug – because we want to buy a rug for a GREAT GREAT price at the fairgrounds and the NC State fair was going on – so NOVEMBER 14TH is a very big day – when Tyler and I will travel to the fair grounds’s flea market to look for a rug – and PRAY we find the perfect 8×10 rug!

4. Since the walls are not painted, the pictures are not hung.


6. AND HUNG – Seriously, I think this is the first thing from this list that has gotten done! But don’t stop reading, Tyler and I did accomplish a few more ‘to-dos’.

7. Instead of two dining chairs, the Lord gave us a BIGGER table with MORE chairs – I am so excited! We now have six chairs and a solid wood table that extends to 102″ – so big! I cannot wait to sit all of my family and friends around this table.

8. So the table and chairs are not yet painted – because we are waiting for the rug. Everything hangs on the rug.

9. For the efficient space, we have purchased a desk for $70.00 off of raleigh.craigslist.org and set the desk in its place. But that’s about as far as we have gotten.

10. The person is not moving in – but, we did have someone come to visit us the last weekend of October, so for her visit, we purchased a twin trundle bed – on a deal! bedding – on gooood sale!, and a big white bathroom rug – on sale, of course!

So now, Tyler and I still have lots to do, and the hilarious thing is, we have some wonderful company coming at the beginning of December – and for them, here’s the hilarious part, I would love to finish the October To Do List as well as the items scheduled for November – maybe November is for “you are crazy!”


2 thoughts on “October is for Organization – Update!

  1. this made me smile so big!! 🙂 You are so funny. After all of that, please post a picture of that oh so special rug when you get it! also, your note is coming, I promise. It turns out that I had every intention of writing one and actually thought I did but actually I did not. But I am so glad that you liked the turkey stuff! love love love you!

    1. I will – we have found a rug we like and now it’s a matter of ordering it and putting in our little home 🙂

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