Drink Up! :: Monday Mini-Post

three gallons of milk

A gallon of MILK at Lowes Foods is a dollar and ninety nine cents this week – REPEAT! a gallon of milk at Lowes Foods is $1.99 this week!!

Recently, I have been learning that if the deal is good enough, it’s worth it to go out of your way if you have to for the deal and if you drink milk like I do, and I drink ALOT of milk, then this deal is just perfect for you! Milk on a good day at another store is $2.89, so this is amazing! I bought three gallons – as you can obviously see ;). Milk – especially 1% and skim – freezes easily, so Tyler and I froze two of the gallons to save for later. There is NO LIMIT to the sale, so I will probably buy a couple more! You can see my receipt below – I am so excited about it! Have fun saving money on milk this week!

Lowes Foods Receipt
Kind of blurry, but you get the picture 🙂

{ PS Tyler and I learned the best way to thaw milk :: Sit the gallon of milk out on the counter on top of a towel. The icy milk with thaw and the towel will collect any condensation. After the milk is almost thawed, put the milk into the refrigerator – it’s ready to drink and enjoy!! }

2 thoughts on “Drink Up! :: Monday Mini-Post

    1. are you going to take advantage of the sale? what a perfect time to buy milk for all of the holiday baking that you do!

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