Home Sweet Home – Color, Carpet, and Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving! Over the last week, Tyler and I have painted our downstairs bedroom, hung pictures, and organized the downstairs’ bedroom closet. We have also painted our living room and dining room, started to reupholster our dining room chairs, decorated for Christmas, and gotten our brand new beautiful rug! During all of this, we also ate three Thanksgiving meals, celebrated Family Christmas day with my dad’s side of the family, saw a great family movie – which I am sure you can guess what it is, but I am going to do a blog on it, so I will save all of my thoughts and feelings and love for the movie for that blog! Can you believe we have done all of this in a matter of a couple of days!? Me either!! So here are the pictures to prove it!

First, we moved everything from one room to the other room.
Tyler's Birthday Present to Me :: MOMA Metal Floral Chandelier
Tyler and Noelle Painting (I'm Taking Pictures - quite important!)
This Is The Book That's Driving It All
THE RUG :: The Catalyst for Decorating
We recommend covering your furniture - paint splatters is a look of the past.
Tyler's Handiwork :: I love Tyler, too!
A trunk full of food for Mission Raleigh
My Mom's Beautiful Thanksgiving Table
Day After Thanksging Deal :: Vera Wang Dress (originally 70; purchase price 20)
Family Christmas Day :: My sister and brother-in-law
What We Did After Family Christmas :: Step One to Reupholster Dining Chairs
Christmas Decor and the FInished Product :: First Sneak Peak

With all of these pictures, there is still so much more to see! Soon there will be blog posts of the finished product – painted walls, the rug in our home, Christmas decor finished!! I am so excited to show y’all everything and to share with you tips for decorating your home!!

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