Simple Ways to Celebrate the Christmas Season

During the hectic holiday season, simple ways to celebrate are a must! The list below is a few simple ways I like to decorate and celebrate during the holiday season. It is a gift from the Lord that with our five senses – tasting, touching, smelling, seeing, and hearing – we can celebrate the birth of our Savior!

1. For a very merry and bright sugar bowl, sprinkle red and green sprinkles into the sugar.

This is my sugar bowl and creamer

2. Hang Christmas cards by fastening a festive ribbon across a mantle or open half wall and using clothes pins to attach the cards to the ribbon.

You can use your present wrapping ribbon!

3. Create a paper chain to count down the days until Christmas.

Decorate Them with Glitter, Paint, and Glue | Paper Chains are Simple to Make with Children

4. Mulling spices will make your home smell like Christmas! Simmer a pot of water on your stove and fill it with your favorite spices – you can use orange peel, cinnamon, or nutmeg, just to name a few!

5. Use extra Christmas ornaments to fill glass vases for a unique table centerpiece.

LOVELY ~ I purchased the sparkly ornaments and snow at KMart.

6. Download the Shane and Shane Christmas album from iTunes. Tyler and I have listened to this album all December long and love to sing along to sing praises to the Lord!

Hear it, and Your Heart will Rejoice!

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