Book Review :: Just Give Me Jesus

Just Give Me Jesus - Book Cover

Just Give Me Jesus

By Anne Graham Lotz (Word Publishing, 2000)

Inside the Pages

This thick  book is written by a world renowned evangelist’s daughter. Even with this rich family history, she tells her readers how she had to personally, individually come to Jesus to know Him, to have in Him abundant life and eternal life. Anne Graham Lotz gives her readers great insight into the fourth gospel, the book of John. The book deals with issues concerning failure, suffering, impossible change, and sin; issues such as love, heaven, forgiveness, and healing. Lotz shows how Jesus even in situations that seem impossible to bring forth change brings Himself, which brings abundant and eternal change, change more than we could ever possibly think of or imagine.

Worth Repeating

“Instead of despising or blaming the paralytic for his weakness, Jesus stopped and spoke to him. Personally. Gently. Inquiringly. Pointedly.” (121)

“Our heart’s cry is, ‘Just give me Jesus!’ AND GOD HAS!” (341)

From My Perspective

I came to this book with so many opinions – I had been with my mom and a few other ladies to Lotz’s seminar; affectations – one of my professors spoke against this book (or at least, that’s how I understood his comment at the time without having read the book); I decided to read it because my bible study leader quoted from it in the wrap up portion of the JOY John Bible Study.

I decided to read this book because the bible study leader quoted from it. Last year, while in the same bible study, the leader quoted from a few different books, which I then read after the study ended. Since I heard the leader mention this book earlier in the study, and since the bible study takes a long holiday break from Thanksgiving to right after Christmas, and since the book was available in the church library, I decided I would read Just Give Me Jesus in the middle of the bible study, which stretches over two school semesters, fall and spring.

Through reading this book I learned so many things – first, I am sure my professor was not speaking against this book; second – the seminar and the book have years between them for my personal experience and I needed the Just Give Me Jesus seminar then and the Lord used and is using the Just Give Me Jesus book now. I also learned that this book is a devotional walk through the book of John (THAT’S why the bible study leader quoted from this book during the John study!!) I call it a devotional walk through because the writer weaves history, theology, the scripture from John and throughout the Word of God, and life application together throughout the book. it is not only a historical walk through; a theological walk through; a life application book that leaves out theology (which I do NOT recommend that sort of book). Anne Graham Lotz shows the way in which the Lord has taught her and gifted her – He has taught her how all of His work, how history and theology, philosophy and life application, fit together. He has gifted her with the ability to write it in such a way that the book’s readers are able to grasp the truth of the Word of God and hopefully apply it to their lives, head, heart, and in their home.

Because this book fits into the greater study in which I am currently involved, I think for me it has yet to be completely discovered how Lotz’s book will bring light to my personal and my group study of the book of John.

However, two great truths that the Lord has taught me through the book of John and through the Just Give Me Jesus book is this :

** The Lord is my great Shepherd and He leads us in the only way we can enter heaven and know God. (John 10:1-21; John 14:6)

** The book of John was written so that I might believe and in Him have life, abundantly and eternally. (John 10:10; John 11:25; John 21:25)

We all made ornaments at the JOY leaders' brunch - This is mine!

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