My Little List of Luxe For Less

Merry Christmas!

My little gift to you :: Enjoy shopping for the list I have created of truly affordable, perfect just in time Christmas gifts that you can find around town to suit all of your fabulous family and friends!

KMart Felt Placemats ($2.00/placemat – 50% off sale going on NOW) – I purchased 4 of these pink and green no skid, felt, snowflake cut out placemats and tied a ribbon through them – giving them a Christmas wreath look – for a total of EIGHT DOLLARS!! Don’t they look like something straight from Zest or NOFO?! It’s a great gift for your Christmas party hostess and the friend who shares your great interior decorating taste.

Pretty as a Picture

Apples to Apples Crazy Comparison Game (Under Twenty Dollars) – I love crazy clean fun and for under twenty dollars (I found a great deal at Target and purchased the game for seventeen dollars) the children that I take care of loved loved loved this game! It’s a game that children can plan with children, adults can play together, or children and adults -can enjoy together – think day after Christmas family fun! You can find other family friendly board games for great prices at Walmart, Kmart, Target, and

Polka Dot Scarf (Under Twenty Dollars) – Stores and catalogues alike are showing off their pretty polka dots on everything from socks and sweaters to scarves and sweat pants! I fell in love with a scarf from BodenUSA but balked when I saw the price! Instead, I searched around and found the perfect  super soft polka dot scarf –  the color compliments my hair color and skin tone – at Kohls for 15.00 (The price really depends on the deal of the day). This is a gift worthy of giving to your mom, grandmother, and best friend!

{ Leave and a comment and let us know your luxe for less Christmas gift ideas }

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