Places to Go {Things to Do} People to See

There are always places to go, things to do, and people to see – and this year Tyler and I want to use our time wisely so that we enjoy the full riches that the Lord has given us by investing in others’ lives and  gleaning from the godly teaching of others.

We hope that you will join us and and together we can enjoy listening, learning, and loving.

1. Bay Leaf Baptist Church is hosting a Marriage Enrichment Retreat January 30th.

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Dr. Daniel Akin, the President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, is the (great, wonderful, wise, comical, Jesus-loving, Bible-preaching) speaker. The one day seminar begins bright and early at 8:30AM and lasts through the morning until 1:15PM. He will speak on “The Song of Solomon: God’s Manual for Marital Satisfaction.”

What a perfect way to begin the new year with your spouse, to spend a Saturday gleaning from a man who loves the Lord and loves his wife well teaching the Scriptures in such a way you can take it home and apply it to your every day life. Tyler and I plan to make this a mini-retreat weekend, complete with a nice breakfast and dinner date out. Perhaps for your spouse you will hire and a babysitter for the morning and take him/her out for a nice lunch at your favorite local restaurant (I recommend Winston’s which isn’t too far away).

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2. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is hosting the 20/20 Collegiate Conference : A City Within a City : Displaying the Gospel within our Culture. The conference will be held February 5-6 on the seminary’s beautiful campus. The speakers include Matt Chandler, Daniel Akin, J.D. Greear, and Clayton King. It’s only $30.00 for Southeastern students and $35.00 for me, you, and everybody else.

This conference’s goal is to engage and equip your mind so that you will love well the Lord with all of who you are. From the 20/20 website, “God’s church always finds herself in the midst of a broader human culture. Though the church is a part of that culture, she also bears witness to a Reality greater than the culture. For this reason, we as believers have the great privilege and responsibility of finding ways—in our colleges, workplaces, neighborhoods, and communities—to display the truth, goodness, and beauty of God and his gospel. Come and join us as we explore ways of bearing witness to God and his gospel in the midst of a skeptical, morally confused culture.”

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