Cutting Coupons, Not Corners

With everyone discovering new ways to stick to their budget, couponing is a great way to save money on everyday food and household items. Combining the grocery or pharmacy store sales with your clipped coupons is the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck. My mindset traditionally is that to save money it is best to purchase the generic brand, but with couponing, you can get brand name food and household items for pennies (and sometimes FREE!)!!

It only takes a few tips and tools to start saving your family money today!


1. Make a list AND Stick to it!

2. Purchase the items that are on sale AND have a coupon!

3. Include great sale+coupon items in your list even if you do not intend to use it the current week AND do not ever purchase items you never intend to use!

4. Instead of throwing away expired coupons, send them to the US soldiers, who can use them up to six months from their printed expiration date. To learn more, go to Overseas Coupon Program.

5. Using coupons and the sales is a great way to give inexpensively and generously to Raleigh’s local food shelters, including Raleigh Rescue Mission and Mission Raleigh.


iPhone Grocery Gadget App

The Grocery Gadget iPhone App helps you to make a list and stick to it! Create a list on the app and use it to shop systematically through your favorite grocery store! To download the FREE version, go to or search “grocery gadget” on your iPhone.

Southern Savers

The Southern Savers website does all of the work for you! Jenny, the owner and operator of Southern Savers, pairs grocery stores and pharmacies’ sales with the current paper and printable coupons. Then, she tells you exactly when and how to use them. Visit Jenny’s website today to get started!

{Other recommended coupon websites include Savvy Dollar, Coupons NC, and Thrifty Mommy}

Su Soutter – Raleigh’s Coupon Queen

Su is a Raleigh native, wife, and mom who loves to save money! To learn more about her and her helpful couponing tips, go to her blog, The Intentional Home. Bay Leaf Baptist Church is hosting Su’s coupon class March 11, 2010 at 7pm. Visit Bay Leaf’s website ( or call Bay Leaf (919.847.4477) to find out more information! I will be there!

{Other recommended blogs include Taking Stock Savings Blog}

With a little bit of time and these helpful tips and tools you will quickly find yourself saving your family’s budget!

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