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i have a new topic – oh but it’s so much more than just a topic – to really read and grow in my knowledge of… and here’s where i’m starting!



This is no trite 'first book' that I'm reading - This is THE BOOK I am reading - and I am starting in Colossians and Proverbs. Which particular books of the Bible encourage you in your parenting?
Tyler and I are reading through this helpful guide to pray for our child. We will continue this practice - to pray specifically and particularly and together - throughout our child's life. We can think of no greater, better, more special way to raise our child than in complete trust before the Lord. This is all but for His grace! (I also recommend Power of a Praying Wife; I use that book as a guide to pray for, of course :), Tyler!)
This book deals with the philosophy and psychology of parenting. Rosemond exalts the Christian worldview and states that only when we understand humans based on the Word of God will we be able to raise our children well. This book is serious! very practically applicable! And I am super glad that Rosemond had the courage to write it!
I haven't started this book yet, but I love Martha Peace's The Excellent Wife (in that book, if you are going to argue with her, you will be arguing with Scripture - the book is chalk full of the Word of God). Because of the author, the title, and of course the need to grow in this way, I am excited to start this read soon!
This is a MUST MUST MUST READ! for everyone involved in ANY family (which is you)!! J R Miller, a pastor from the late 1800's, writes for his - and our - generation. The first chapter is on the wedded life, the second, on the husband, then the wife, the children, the siblings, family worship, and last, making memories. Tyler and I are reading this well-written, straightforward, poetic book together and enjoying it immensely. We are considering giving to everyone from now one who we know is getting married!

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