exciting announcement

I am a Mary Kay Independent Star Beauty Consultant!

I started Mary Kay not because I had nothing else to do, but because I desire to enrich other women’s lives while fulfilling well my role as a wife and mommy. I am my own boss, I choose my hours and when I work. I work in my home, with my family and friends, serving well my customers, hostessing girlfriend parties, and building a team of wonderful women to work along side – we all want to enrich women!

I invite you to visit my Mary Kay website and enjoy browsing through all of the great products. I would love to offer you a free Mary Kay facial – just let me know when you’d like to schedule a time for us to get together!

If you’d rather get together all of your girlfriends and have a really good time – which of course, who wouldn’t love to do this!? – then why don’t you host a Mary Kay girlfriends party? We can do it in your own home with your sweet friends!

And if you are the kind of woman who is looking for a great opportunity with the only skin care and cosmetics company that is pro-women, founded and built on Christian principles, and rewards diligent work, then join the team! and become a Mary Kay beauty consultant – We want to do this together!

Did you know that Women's Wear Daily listed MK website as one of the top 10 most visited beauty websites?!! ** Enjoy shopping on my Mary Kay website!

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