filling bookshelves

My grandfather made for us – I know, unreal and wonderful! – white, glass doored, glass knobbed bookshelves to flank our fireplace. They’re a perfect pair. And now I am to fill them with homey riches.

I really want the style to reflect heritage, with books, family photographs, gifts; I really want the style to reflect a mix of traditional and modern, silver and gold, white and black, old and new; and I want it all to be very layered and lived in. Stylishly.

So I am shopping. online. and by shopping, I mean browsing. I collect ideas and inspiration and then wait. Wait until I happen to happen upon the perfect piece at the perfect price. Wait until I have my fill of goods and then I fill the shelves well with those goods.

So I shop. and wait. and here are some of the items and ideas that are inspiring me.

These frames just speak 'elegance' and 'timelessness'
You can find Michael Aram's work at Quintessentials on the Lassiter Mill side of North Hills
For a traditional feel, I think something like this would be nice throughout our shelves
Well, you're right, this couch cannot exactly fit on our shelves - nor do we need or exactly want a navy leather couch - but as I was browsing, I had to include this phtograph - this fine piece of furniture is beautiful! (And look at the luxury rug underneath it... wouldn't you love to w
first of the three, collection of "pinched" vases
I love the impressionistic shape and watercolors of the vases
the third, the tallest

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