blogs i love

ohk. so i have totally been stuck in the ’90s for a while – regarding really only one thing in particular. painstakingly particular, though.

blogs. yes, i know i write this little blog. but do i READ blogs? barely ever. barely never. barely at all.

I like books. with pages. with that bookish smell. I like magazines. with glossy pages. especially at the salon, which also has a distinct, and to me, almost homey smell… i mean, crazy combs might just be my ‘third place.’


recently. like a week and a half ago, recently. i have started to sort of read – at least skim… don’t take it personally, i’m new at this – a few blogs. and i actually have enjoyed it.

I’d thought I’d share…

This is what youll see, at least today, when you enjoy Christins blog

hmmm, i didnt even get until a minute ago that this blog title is a play on her name... i told you, im slow and behind ** Of course you will enjoy this blog too!!

I have enjoyed this blog for a while now, actually... This self-titled blog is full of wise, witty words written very well. And I know that was nice alliteration (and it was also very true!) but you will be blown away by the depth of this girls writing! (and for such a young thing, too...)

I don’t think you will ever catch me enjoying a book on any kind of e-reader ever ever ever (I mean I just love a REAL book!), but you may, just may, catch me enjoying these blogs… and you never know, I may just add a few more to the list!

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