blooming belly

i just like it. thats all. thats it.
lightweight, sparkly, nice edging.
sleeveless+seersucker=perfect for north carolina summer

well this summer will be exciting. pregnant and hot, i am sure you will see me with sweet tea and watermelon in hand, probably at the pool.

shopping for this summer is very *new* to say the least! and to say the most, really… and i don’t know what you think, or if you’ve even ever thought about it, but i feel like maternity clothes are either a. frumpy or b. old – like, make you look more mature old. y’all i am twenty five. i am a young married pregnant girl with braces. i have fair skin (and i wash with timewise and coat on the sunscreen!) and red hair. now typically in a nice ponytail with bangs. I LOOK YOUNG! and i want my clothes to resemble my steadfast youthfulness. even my maternity clothes.

this is especially why i think i would love that seersucker dress. youthfulness captured for every age, every season of life.

even my pregnant summer season of life. ❤

PS if you’d like to join me in this shopping adventure, i’ll gladly accept your company!

5 thoughts on “blooming belly

  1. where are these from? They are super cute! Congrats btw! I too am trying to see where in the world to shop for maternity..for less that is! I like the Old Navy maternity stuff online tho! Check it out!

    1. all of these items are from nordstrom, which i recommend, even though you may spend a little more money (follow the sales!!) and i’ve found great items for a great price at gap, too 🙂

  2. LOVE the sleeveless seersucker! I think you will find, as I did, that skirts and dresses are more comfortable while pregnant than pants/shorts….of course, I think that all of the time, really..

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