honey, i do declare

what a lovely way to say "may i come in, please?" and i am sure the other side would charmingly greet with sweet tea.

i love love love love love the south. i am so so so so so happy i am from the south

especially in the spring and summa’time.

the girls in steel magnolias were right when they declared sweet tea "the house wine of the South"
Charleston - southern to the nines
Spanish moss, ancient trees, the greenest grass, and a plantation. All that is wanting is a parasole.
High Cotton
we like to decorate our home with meaningful and southern decor accents, like this cotton wreath. its hanging with a ribbon on our linen closet.
spring is coming!! the dogwoods, north carolinas state flower, declare!!
a southern fried chicken picnic must have (and must get quickly before they get gone!!)
this is something i really look forward to this summer - and did you know north carolina has a festival dedicated to watermelon!?!
i love the coast at beaufort - oh and carrot island!!! so wonderful!
i just love at easter when the men don themselves in their seersucker suits - and cant you just hear these men speaking with that good ole boy NC accent?
a little something for the ladies
someday, girls, i will be bold enough to wear a hat like this to church. and perhaps to lunch, too.
and last, but certainly not least, the lovely family vacation spot every memorial day and labor day, oriental, north carolina - sailing capital of NC

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