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spring time is here and i’ve made time with a glass of sweet tea (or a coke icee) to go through my reading list and chose a few books from the library to enjoy – and here is what i am currently reading ::

My Heart in His Hands - Biography of Ann Judson :: I am reading this book with Carolyn and am fascinated by Ann's story
The Body Project - An Intimate History of American Girls :: Written by a feminist historian, this book does deliver painfully insightful commentary on the history of the way in which Americans and Western Europeans' view of the woman's body has degraded.
God's Design for Women :: I think this is best book I have read to date on biblical womanhood (and it was from that I learned of the The Body Project)
More Hours in My Day :: Doesn't take long to read; Takes diligence to implement! (And it's a book I want to keep on hand for the rest of my life!)
Becoming a Woman of Influence :: This book provides for Christian women a source on mentoring other women, fulfilling the Titus 2 role the Lord has given especially to women
A Long Obedience in the Same Direction :: Eugene Peterson writes about the Christian call to obedience versus the fast pace, instant gratitification environment that Americans live life in
Boundaries in Marriage :: For me, this book was not groundbreaking or a breakthrough (though it may be for you and your marriage) but it was a refreshing reminder to love my husband well and to take responsibility in our marriage
Jane Eyre :: Of course, in the midst of all of this practical reading, I desired to read a well written class literature novel (and with the movie out... )
How Can I Change? :: This devotional handbook leads the reader through the reality of justification in Christ, the process of sanctification - the fact that it is both God's duty and the believer's duty - and how to take responsibility in the process of sanctification and to delight in the Lord, to fear Him, to walk in the presence of the Lord all throughout life

{all of these books can be found and purchased at}

let me know what you’re currently reading – that way, we can read together!

One thought on “currently reading…

  1. Thanks Rachel! I love hearing of new books to read. Currently reading: FPU by Dave Ramsey, Peacemaking for Families by Ken Sande, and What to Expect Before You’re Expecting, haha.

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