Summer Skin Must Haves

I love love love summertime. I love being out in the warm sun – but I do not love at all the thought of skin cancer or looking 80 years old when I am really only 40 (in a few years, y’all). So, I take care of my skin when I am in the sun. Here’s my summer skin must haves – And they are for you, too!

Summer Skin Must Haves Check List ::

Mary Kay’s SPF 30 Sunscreen – $14.-

Mary Kay SPF 30 Sunscreen :: I love to slather this smell-good, keep my skin good cream

 Mary Kay’s Lip Protector w SPF – $7.50

This is necessary because your lips can burn too! (and sunscreen doesn't take that good)

Mary Kay’s Tinted Lip Balm w SPF – $13.-

Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15 *Besides the fact that this just makes sense, I love every color of this lip balm!

Mary Kay’s After Sun Replenishing Gel $12.-

This wonder-gel takes good care of your skin after a great day out on the beach or by the pool - it moisturizes, protects, and cools, and of course, replenishes your skin!

Mary Kay’s Subtle Tanning Lotion, $16.-

and for the girl who just cannot NOT tan, girlfriend, this is your cream!!

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