making it the most wonderful time of the year

I want to share with you just a few quick practical tips that I use at Christmastime to enjoy the holidays.

1. I ordered my Christmas cards this year from Shutterfly. I think that the earlier that you order them, especially right before Thanksgiving, the better the deals from Shutterfly. I was given a percentage off of the cards and I was offered free shipping and handling. You can also pick up your Shutterfly orders at Target.

2. I use Numbers (or Excel) for my Christmas Card list and my Christmas Gift and Budget List. I keep all of my contacts in the Address Book and go from there! I’m sure you can create a list and export it to print out address labels, but I hand wrote them. I do this each year, so I use the previous year’s lists as starting points.

3. For our Christmas Open House, I use I like it because I can choose a fun card and send it via email to everyone. Evite saves the email addresses that I use which creates a great database for each year. We invite everyone!! This year we are theming the open house as a Happy Birthday Jesus Party – it will be complete with a birthday cake! We are collecting school supplies – the ‘gifts for Jesus – to donate to a school and orphanage in India started by Matt Papa (Tyler is his electric guitar player). We are super excited to see how our family and friends will give this holiday season!

4. I shop early (think summer sales) and I order from I love their service and free shipping and handling. My family exchanges each others’ names from a hat (so it’s a surprise!) and and sets a price limit. The only rule that the gift has to be thoughtful – we love doing this each year and it ensures that we are gifted with a surprise!

I hope this quick, practical tips help you to enjoy this holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year!


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