southern cookin’

With some money from my birthday, I ordered a few cookbooks. And I’m very excited about them. I’ve recently realized that I just need to own up to a few things. One, I love sweet tea. There’s no denying it or changing it. I make a pitcher (aout a gallon) with four family sized tea bags – decaf – and a cup and a 1/4 of sugar. Making sure to stir with a wooden spoon the sugar , hot water, and tea bags, I let it steep in the glass pitcher. Bottoms up! Two, I love southern food. Since I was in need of new recipes and a few good cookbooks, I decided to order good southern cookbooks. I asked a few trusted ladies which cookbooks they loved and then picked the ones I ordered because they were recommended and super-cheap on Three, I do love amazon.

These are the cookbooks I ordered :

It’s truly a simple, beautiful cookbook. With the recipes in alphabetical order, I decided to go through the recipes in ABC order, plus whatever main ingredients are in season right now, like yams.

With a title like that and a whole section devoted to chocolate pie, I could not pass up on this collection of recipes.

I still like to know I can make something in no time! So far, I’ve made the quick brunswick stew and the pumpkin bread and so far, so good.

This is a very grownup, lady-like cookbook that I hope to go through over the course of a couple of years. The quote on the back cover by Corrie Ten Boom delights in dinner around her family’s oval table, where dinner and dreams were shared. The cookbook is complete with over 20 Sunday dinner menus and I am eager to try each and every one of them with my family!

I look forward to cooking good dinners, share-worthy desserts, and all of their recipes in the days to come. Of course, I plan to share the recipes with you, too.

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