christmas in a jar

This year, I started what I hope to be a Mount Family Christmas tradition. I created ‘Christmas in a jar’. With a short mason jar, I tied a red grosgrain ribbon around its top and filled it with strips of paper that detailed different activities to follow. Each morning, Tyler chooses a slip of paper from the jar and that day, we get to enjoy the activity. Some of them we have to plan ahead, like “fancy dinner date,” which is the one he chose for today.

I will share with you what a few of the slips of paper said – but only ones that we have completed so far; I do not want to ruin the surprise for Tyler!

1. Read Luke 2

2. Starbucks date

3. Drive through North Hills to look at lights

4. Invite friends over for Christmastime desserts

5. Choose and purchase our favorite illustrated version of ‘Twas the Night for our child

6. Buy school supplies to donate to the orphanage in India *

7. Write out our family’s 2011 Christmas Prayer

With thirteen more days until Christmas Day, there’s much more fun to enjoy! I love celebrating Christmas throughout the month – I think cultivates such a sweet holiday spirit!

*If you would like to donate school supplies or Target gift cards to purchase school supplies to the orphanage and school in India that Matt Papa ministries is establishing, please let me know and we will arrange it! What a wonderful, simple way to display generosity this Christmas season!

7 thoughts on “christmas in a jar

    1. We have yet to go! I think we will be able to go next week. It’s a tradition in my family to read “‘Twas the Night” on Christmas Eve… we want to continue this tradition in our home, too.

  1. You will have to let me know what you pick. We have a version that I bought at Mr. Mike’s Used Books, and I like it a lot, but I’m always on the lookout for good books. I’ll look at it tomorrow and let you know which illustrator it is 🙂

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