keepsake and treasures

Everyone tells you, they grow up fast. Already I see that they’re right. Daily our son changes. Little expressions light up his eyes; smiles cross his lips; he is no longer considered a newborn, but an infant now. And we are enjoying every precious moment.

Through a wonderful consignment store at Five Points in Raleigh, Babiology, I found out about a lady who makes silhouettes. Properly known as a silhouette artist, she’s an older lady who lives in Chapel Hill, has grandchildren of her own, and has her own little business making silhouettes, making mommies happy. She at least makes me happy.

Babiology hosts her in their store ever so often and I went last Tuesday with Leland. In no time flat – it took twenty minutes from “hello” to “thank you so much” for her to take a glance at Leland, precisely curve her tiny scissors through the black paper, and give me her handiwork. It was beautiful. What a classic keepsake. What a little dream come true-treasure.

We did say a little more than “hello” and “thank you so much” though. A delightful little lady, she has a twinkle in her eye and a very peaceful heart. I really did enjoy talking with her; talking about her children and grandchild, about how amazing the Lord is – what a creative, loving, good Designer He is.

The Lord is so good to us to let us enjoy tiny earthly treasures as we find our real treasure in Him. He gives us such joy when we rest in Him; He gives us the freedom to enjoy the things around us He gives us. And does He ever bless more than we could ever imagine, ask, or think – and this is all wrapped up in and completed in Christ! Wow.

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