the song on our lips

I shared with y’all a little while ago that our family verse is Psalm 115:1.

Well, we have a family song, too. It goes like this :

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

Praise Him all creatures here below

Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts,

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. AMEN.

Tyler and I smiled our way through our wedding recessional to this song. We literally began our lives together with The Doxology.

I’ve sung it – said it – prayed it – a thousand times throughout our marriage. I’ve written the first line as a closing to thank you notes. I mean it every time.

Most recently, the Lord almost literally sang it over me.

He says He sings over us, ” The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17)

My goodness, can’t you picture this!? The Lord is with us – and He certainly was that day (that I will tell you about shortly). He is MIGHTY TO SAVE. The wretch, the fool, the sinner, me and you. He rejoices over us with gladness – I picture when I first see my sisters, how excited I am to see them; how I just can’t stand myself, I hug them so hard. The Lord REJOICES over us. He quiets us with His love – and oh how often my heart needs quieting these days. I’m holding Leland, whose crying and crying, soothing him, rocking him, holding his paci in, and then I’m crying and crying. It breaks my little heart; feelings of inadequacy like I’ve never experienced seep through my emotions when he cries – I feel with him, you know – and I now need the Lord to quiet me with His love. and He does. He shhhh’s me – and soothes me – and quiets my heart. The scripture says that the Lord exults over us with singing – I think it’s in the book, the BFG, that the big friendly giant loudly sings everything he says. (Is that the book?) And I think of the Lord, conquering death, ushering in life and new life, sustaining us each and every day, merrily singing with all of His might, over us. for us. with us, in spite of us. Because He loves us.

And this day was like that. The Lord sang The Doxology over me. Leland was only a few weeks old. Going out with him was (and still is) a big ordeal. Time consuming, there’s a lot to think about. Tyler and I quietly and quickly readied ourselves. Then we picked up Leland out of the Moses basket. We dressed him in this tiny baby blue sweater outfit. Bundling him up, we left almost on time. I prayed all night – and in the car on the way – that Leland would not poop all over his clothes. Listen, the Lord is in the details. Even poopy ones.

All of the parents with their little ones followed the instructions, lined up, and stood in the back waiting. I met Tyler on the stage; he helped to lead worship that morning. Leon introduced all of the families to the congregation; today was Child Dedication Sunday. I cannot exactly explain to you how I felt. Very serious, very little. Very excited – I looked up, there was Tyler. I looked in my arms, there’s Leland. I looked into the congregation and all of our family’s faces were smiling back at me. We were dedicating Leland to the Lord. I was overcome.

This is the child for whom we prayed. This is the child that I pray the Lord raises up to be a strong man of God, an oak of righteousness, a tree planted beside streams of living water whose roots are deep in the Lord, that produces fruit in its season, that gives shade, rest, and comfort to all those who know him, who lifts his limbs to glorify the Lord. Oh my.

Our pastor read the words. We responded in one accord. We will. We will. We will. Yes and amen.

Then, as we walked off stage, Tyler back to his guitar, the melody began to play. And I heard the notes for The Doxology. Overcome, The LORD is singing over me.

Sweet Jesus, my melody. Sweet Jesus, my life.

* If it’s weird that we have family verses and family songs, we promise we didn’t mean to be –  in the sense that there was never some fill in the blank sheet we completed with this information. It’s just as the Lord has led us through life, we’ve noticed this scripture (Psalm 115:1) is on our lips; this song is on our hearts. So retrospectively, this verse and this song has become for our family.

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