Ok, so as some of you know, I have used Mary Kay products since I knew it was important to wash my face. And now, I am a little Mary Kay girl – (a MK consultant). Some of you probably don’t know that I have dry skin. When I’m a grandmother, I will definitely have wrinkles. Of course, not until I’m 97 – Timewise face wash and moisturizer is awesome – and only because of smiles and laughing, but still, definitely I will have wrinkles. So when MK announced a moisturizing mask, I was like, ‘Sign me up!’

I ordered two of them – one for me to try; one for the first girl to want to enjoy glowing, supple skin all winter long.  (Instead of pasty white dried out sagging dull skin from the winter witch of the west )

I just got them in the mail – so I’ll let you know how wonderful it is when I try it. And please, let me know if you are that first girl. Or second. We can all be in the wonderful winter skin club


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