We are going to go somewhere

As we think through what we know and going somewhere with it, it must be said that in order to articulate and establish our God-given purpose, we have to make a start in the direction He would have us go.

Unfortunately, we don’t do that by making a to do list. I say unfortunately because it is a much easier start simple to make a to do list and then go about checking off the boxes. You will soon not finish – or finish and not be satisfied – your to do list and then realize, again you are listless. And restless.

Going in the direction of our purpose must take its beginning on the inside of us. We must look to the Lord and order our interior lives if we desire to fulfill our purpose, if we want to really go anywhere in life. And especially if we want it to count.

In establishing our purpose, we must first understand that our inner world has far greater bearing on our outer world than we tend to admit. We must order our interior life. We must center our soul around the Love of our Soul. We must be Christ-centered.

In order to establish Christ-centeredness and in so doing establish our purpose, we have to clear out the clutter and fill ourselves with good. We want to fill up our time in the Word of God, in prayer, and in community with our family of faith. The Lord and His ways ground us and direct us. We are to put on Christ.

We want our purpose to have significance and that comes in communing with the Lord, fellowshipping with the family of faith, and obeying the Lord in all that we do, minute and major.

You might be thinking at this point, wow, she really over-simplifies this whole thing and does not at all answer the question of purpose. And I completely understand where you are coming from.

As we desire to have a life of purpose and significance, we cannot fill up our calendars and to do lists with busy busy busy; we cannot run out of time for what matters – our relationship with the Lord, serving others. We will fulfill our purpose as we find our JOY in Christ, as we listen and obey His command to love Him fully and love other well, and as we do everything we do to glorify the Lord.

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