planning – tips and tools

Part of fulfilling your purpose is planning your life before the Lord, as you listen and obey Him. This is simple – and a life long practice. Just like running- which honestly, I don’t do much of, I just know it’s an easy to understand analogy – it’s a simple exercise; you just have to train yourself to do it and be good at it. Soon, you are going miles and miles.

With planning, you must start with the Lord, before the Lord, surrendered to the Lord. I begin most of my mornings early and in the Word. Many times with a cup of coffee in hand, too. I read the Word, pray for my husband and son, journal, and ask the Lord how I can love Him and love my family in this day.

Like the book of James says, it is important to say ‘as the Lord wills’ as you plan. This is not a magical blanket statement; this is a truth that you understand that a man makes his plan and the Lord orders his steps (that’s from Proverbs).

So I get out the Word, enjoy conversation with the Lord, and get out my planner too. He helps me to make my plans and order my steps. As you spend time with the Lord, you will learn to listen to Him. You will discern His voice as you learn His character. You will obey better and better, too, because you know His character. He would only have you act in line with His character. See? Simple pattern of life, here.

You do not need any props – this is something that the book, Ordering Your Private World explains. Remember, that’s the book I said if you are breathing you should read.

On that same note, I do appreciate the tools that I use. This changes throughout different seasons of my life, but let me share with you the tools I am using right now.

the ESV bible - a gift from Tyler when we were dating - an every day necessity; an every day delight
I have used this book as a tool to focus my prayer life for Tyler since we were engaged; so many times The Lord has providentially connected the chapter's prayer with our real life situations. We will be married for five years in March and I am so grateful for this tool.
I just received this book as a gift from our church and I LOVE it - it's perfect, Scripture centered, Gospel filled prayer for your child, children.
This short daily devotional is usually very encouraging to me. It also outlines a Read Through the Bible in a Year plan.
Part of my January book list blog post, I use this devotional book each morning. It has about a 100 readings, so I will be enjoying it into the spring.
It may not seem as spiritual, but my planner is connected to my quiet time and private life with the Lord. I have the golden one 🙂

2 thoughts on “planning – tips and tools

  1. I think you were the one who bought or told me to buy Power of a Praying Wife. I’ve read thru it so many times now that I should have it memorized, and still, as you said, I find each day’s prayer relevant to his life at the moment — year after year. Awesome tool! I got Power of a Praying Parent for Christmas, and I need to crack it open soon!

    1. that makes me so happy! i just bought it to give as a gift to another girlfriend who’s getting married; we read through power of a praying parent, too, and loved it – i appreciate the 60 promises book because i feel like it applies now and forever; omartian deals with topics that when your baby is older will be more relevant. enjoy enjoy! it’s priceless to pray for your husband and child(ren) 😉

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