planning – hierarchy of priorities

Planning includes dealing with hierarchy of priorities. Do you know what I mean when I say this? It may seem like a mouthful, but it’s a discipline that once you get under your belt, it’s simple to maintain. Please realize that when I use the word simple, I do not mean “easy.” Relating to yesterday’s post, running is simple – but running is not easy. Especially not at first!

Ohk, so hierarchy of priorities has to do with ordering your world, ordering your relationships. We look to Scripture to know order – God is the God of order – and to know what our world should center around. Scripture tells us from the very beginning – in Genesis before the Fall, that our worlds should be ordered around

a. The Lord and fellowship with Him, glorifiying Him

b. Relationships

c. Filling and Subduing the Earth, through marriage, through discipleship – we learn this later in Scripture, and through our work 1 Corinthians 10:31 style

Ok, so this might give you a glimpse into your hierarchy of priorities. Let me show you what this looks like for me.

First, the Lord comes first. He is above all, in all, through all. This is what Colossians one teaches us. He holds everything together and in Him everything exists and is sustained. WOW!

Practically this looks like me spending time with Him in the Word each day, filtering my thoughts, words, and actions (not perfectly, but remember it’s a life long process and discipline full of grace) through His Word and Holy Spirit, spending time with the family and faith in church, and serving and loving Him in the every day of life.

Then, my husband. I am to submit, respect, honor, and love him. I am to consider him more esteemed than myself. I am to put him first. I regard his thoughts and opinions better than my own.

Practically, this looks like praying for him. This looks like talking with him. Communication is key! This looks like knowing his schedule so I can build mine around his and so I can be helpful to him. When I come up with an idea, I ask him about it. When someone asks me if I can do something and it may overlap with time I could have with Tyler, I ask him what he thinks about me going and doing.

Then, my son. Ensuring that his needs are met. Spending loads of quality time with him.

Taking care of Tyler and my son includes the art and lifestyle of homemaking. Something I am learning more and more about each day.

Then my family and the family of faith.

This takes the idea of JOY – Jesus, Others, You. The “Others” is for each of us where life may differ. Depending on if you are married, if you have children, your children’s ages. There are many factors and Scripture shows us the boundary lines of the spacious places and lets us enjoy life in the freedom of Christ.

Now do you see a little bit of what I mean by hierarchy of priorities?

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