hierarchy of priorities – a real life example

Sometimes your relationships and your planner can collide. This is when it is so very important to let the Lord take the front seat, to remember who comes first in your personal “OTHERS” aspect of JOY, and to remember that your planner is to help you keep your relationships in order.

Here’s a very recent real life example in my life ::

Tyler, my husband, travels with a band. Starting this month, he will be gone almost each weekend until the summer. Then, we will be able to travel with him for (most of) the summer week dates. He is gone even including the weekend of our anniversary. We will celebrate FIVE YEARS of marriage – YIPPEE!

The weekend before our anniversary and the weekend of our anniversary are travel dates where we will be able to go with him. So, we are. We will enjoy the time with Tyler, with the band, celebrating our anniversary, and doing ministry and life together.

My really wonderful friend, Julie, got engaged recently. She sweetly surprised me by asking me to be in her wedding – I thought my bridesmaids days were over. It really made me so glad that she asked me. I was tickled pink! I wanted immediately to say ‘YES!!!!!’ but thinking twice, I asked her the date to make sure I could do it.

I was super super sad when I looked at the calendar. Her wedding date is the weekend that is the closest weekend to our anniversary. With Tyler gone, even if I stayed home to be apart of her wedding, I didn’t know how I would take care of Leland well that weekend.

I was at a crossroads. I talked with the Lord for a good while. I ran the situation by Tyler. I came to the conclusion that the best thing for my husband and for my child would be if  I declined Julie’s wonderful, sweet invitation and honor to be apart of her wedding party.

It made me sad and happy to make this decision. I knew I was doing what the Lord wanted; what would honor and respect my husband, and what would take care of my baby boy the best.

When hierarchy of priorities are established, it really does make decision making simple. Not always easy, but in the end, I know that I made the best decision. Thankfully Julie understood too.

I want to encourage you to take time before the Lord, in His Word, perhaps journaling, in prayer, to consider your hierarchy of priorities. Put in place JOY – Jesus, Others, You. Read Philippians 2 for encouragement. Christ is the Answer; He is our model.

You will truly experience JOY as you seek Jesus first, in all and through all, Others in order second, and yourself last.

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