prepare – the physical conditioning of life

purpose. plan. prepare.

here we are at the prepare part of life.

we’ve stated our purpose.

purpose – to glorify the Lord and to enjoy Him forever. to love Him most and to love others well.

plan – JOY – Jesus, Others, You.


When I think of preparing, I think of packing for a trip. We know why and where we are going, what we are going to do. With packing, you are getting ready what you want to talk along for the ride. When you pack, you have your essentials. You take a few what-ifs. You fold your clothes well, you remember your toothbrush. I pack all of my books on top.

Preparation is packing for life. I think that sounds funny – like you are carrying a gun.

You need your essentials. You may carry a few what-ifs. This is new to me; I usually try to have my essentials and if I forget something figure a Target or a friend will be nearby. With a new baby in tow these days, I have come to terms with the reality that it’s best to have on my some stuff for the might-happens of life.

My essentials for preparation do include my bible, my planner, a pencil. A journal. my phone.

But even more importantly  – regardless of whether or not you like a planner, you prefer a pen, or you think it’s silly to journal on real paper – preparation includes a good heart check. A get your head in the game mentality. and a good night’s sleep. (we will talk about this a little bit more tomorrow)

If you want to enter into life well, you have to prepare with

a. clean hands and a pure heart – the Lord does this for you through His Son Jesus Christ – so that you can worship Him rightly and well

b. a mind that is fixed on Christ, not on earthly things

c. a heart that seeks hard after Him, to love Him with your all

d. a mind that is made up. period.

e. an attitude that you will behave your way into a feeling, not feel your way into a behavior.

If I’m thinking through this like a football player – I was a cheerleader (written with a sideways grin) – then the purpose is to win the game; the plan is the plays from the play book, and the preparation is all of the drills and physical conditioning.

So my list A-E is like the drills and physical conditioning of life.

one of my favorite movies - when i left the theater after seeing this for the first time right after thanksgiving with my family, i told tyler i wanted to be an interior decorator and adopt a big black kid - and really, i mean it.
when you are prepared, this is the truth, you are available to help and to love others around you

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