preparation – is freedom

Let me continue with the same thought from yesterday’s post. I wrote, “When you are prepared, this is the truth, you are available to help and to love others around you.”

Preparation – the physical conditioning of life – provides you with the flexibility and freedom to love and to help others around you well.

When you are prepared you can open your arms, your home, your lives, to those around you – family, friends, neighbors, strangers.

If you are not prepared – if you are not ready – if you do not have any of it all together, then you cannot easily help anyone else. You are the one who needs help.

And we all have been that way before. I know I have. But I do not think this is a place we should stay. I am not saying that I think you should be completely self-sufficient, every man for himself sort of thing.

Obviously not. And I am not saying your type of helping others should be the “pity the fool” type either.

What I am saying is that as we are prepared we can seek to love and to help others in tangible ways. We also know when we need to ask for help. In the manner, we can live in one accord, in harmony, in a complementary way with one another.

Let me flesh this out for you in a real life example. So far, I may not be making any sense. Hopefully this will clear it up.

Throughout my years in college, I was a nanny. It really was a perfect job for me. I was able to be flexible with the families that I worked for and I made (almost) enough money to pay for school and other basic life costs. A few of the families would have me come one day a week. The mom would make her appointments during this window of time; she would run errands, she would meet a friend for lunch. The mom knew that in this time I would come to take care of her children and tidy her home while she accomplished other life to-do’s. These relationships were very complementary. I helped the mom with her child and home and to manage her time; the mom helped me pay for college.

Money does not always have to be involved, of course.

Perhaps you know your friend is short on time and energy so you offer to make dinner for both of your families that night; you make an extra-big pot of spaghetti and take it over to her.

In both examples, everyone involved was prepared, knew when to ask for help, and everyone worked together to accomplish life well.

Does this make it a little clearer now?

When we are prepared, we are able to help others around us. When everyone works together – when we are all sure of our purpose, have a good plan, and prepare well – we can freely enjoy life together.

Think of the opposite : When you are not purposeful, you have not a clue what you are doing, and you are not equipped to do it, life is chaotic. If everyone around you is like that, chaos and discord ensues. Quarreling and screaming can get involved. Everything sort of self destructs.

Wow! Isn’t the Lord, who is the God of order, so good to give us a purpose, help to establish our plan, path, and footsteps, and prepare us for life through the day to day?

A ready pitcher of sweet tea prepares you to freely enjoy good conversation with anyone who stops by.

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