a few of my favorite spring style inspirations 2012

You read a while ago that I think that the woman makes the dress.

With all of that in mind, enjoy some of my favorite pieces this spring!

yes, please. i think these hot pink pants with the white tank and gold detail is wonderful. - michael kors

just in case the previous outfit wasn't enough pink, i think this will do it. shirt dress is HOT pink. spring to summer wonderfulness. - michael kors
And for all of the options, from pants to dress and now shorts, this really is perfect. very wearable. very PINK, which i do love. - michael kors
a bit more dimuitive (because we cannot always wear bright pink) J. Crew's t-strap ballet flat is a beautiful choice. From what I can tell, the t-strap flat is making a new grand appearance. - J. Crew
I love this satiny silver pop-over and I think you could wear it all four seasons, especially in North Carolina! - J. Crew
Again, the silver popover. This time, paired with high-waisted, lady like shorts. Too bad girlfriend's shirt isn't buttoned or this would be a very proper look. - J. Crew

One thought on “a few of my favorite spring style inspirations 2012

  1. LOVE the hot pink shirtdress, though I’m afraid it might just hang on me–maybe add a belt? 🙂 Not so certain about the high-waisted trend, though I know it is gaining popularity. Maybe I’ll try it in a year or two…I’m always a little behind the trends.

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