Loving one another

This is just a little insert - but have y'all seen these?! So CUTE!

Happy February

Scripture commands believers – God gives His children instruction to follow – to love Him with your all & to love others well. And with new year’s resolutions still sticking out like a sore thumb, I think I’ll start here.

I understand that loving the Lord & loving others is the lifetime pursuit and practice. And I appreciate that His mercies are new every morning; that we can make a start. Again.

There’s a couple at our church who needs a little love right now – they’re going through some hard times. We’ve all been there – in tough spots, hard times,various trials – and know what an encouragement others’ simple acts of love can be.

One way that we are loving on this couple is by providing them with a homecooked meal this week. I remember not long ago when our son was born how wonderful it was for family and friends to provide hot meals with love.

We joyfully return the favor. Here’s the dinner menu that I’m planning to deliver to our sweet friends.

The Menu:

Rotisserie Chicken – which I will pick up at the grocery store

Homemade Mac & Cheese – I plan to use one of my southern cookbooks for this recipe

Black eyed Peas – and the recipe to doctor up these, too

Strawberry Pudding Cake – again, a recipe from my southern cook book collection

Loving others is the way we put feet to our faith – the way that we can simply show we believe the Lord. Here we go! Starting our new year’s resolutions now, with loving the Lord, with loving others.

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