I just love learning here and there from friends so I hope this little part of my blog will be a blessing and encouragement to you.

This is the baby book I purchased - I loved how it included pages for the family tree and to tell our love story - as well as plenty of room to write out all of his firsts. This book includes all of the holidays and even 'first day of school.'

No matter if in a baby book, your iPhone’s calendar, in a $1.50 composition notebook, or a sticky note pad, I want to encourage you to document memories. You could even do this in a photo journal. Take quick snap shots of all sorts of day to day events – all of them are memory makers.

A few weeks ago, I hosted a baby shower in my home for one of my close friends. Another girl there talked about how she writes down everything – funny things her children say; new activities that they do together. This really made me think : I want to enjoy keeping these memories and remember them later.

Another good idea – Tyler’s mom wrote down milestones through her boys’ first year on a calendar. You could simply print out a blank calendar. Actually, here’s a link for one.

Personally, I use a baby book that does allow for me to pen precious memories through the first year as well as milestones like kindergarten.

What precious years these are with our little ones – let’s celebrate and commemorate them together.

After all, we are called to “Redeem the time.”


  1. I’m keeping daily notes on a calendar! My mom did it for me during my first year and it’s been so special to read it. I don’t want to forgot the small milestones and memories of Isabel’s first year!

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