Now you know what your momma told you :

“don’t wear white until after memorial day”

is true.

And I firmly uphold this southern-lady rule, with the exception sometimes with Easter. I think we all give each other that, you know?

But each spring, at the little peaking out of white in all of the spring collections, it does get exciting to me – summer is coming! White is a must!

And here’s a few of the articles of clothing I find closet-worthy this season :

from - don't you just LOVE this shirt? What a rigid classic JCrew has offered up to us - urban and victorian and practical. Thank you so much for this, my fav store
if you want white pants, i think white jeans are the way to go. they're most likely not see-through and denim is easier to clean, even if you did promise yourself you would keep them crisp-clean
Isn't this peek a boo open back and the asymmetrical skirt detail perfect on this otherwise classic sheath dress? I mean!

5 thoughts on “STYLE GUIDE : WHITE

  1. When you come to Hawaii, you can wear white everyday! No rules on it here… at least that’s what I think 😉 And yes, instagram is fun. Another app to check, of course, but…

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