LOCAL LOVE : north hills farmer’s market

Last Saturday morning Tyler and I packed up ourselves and our little man and ventured out to the first for 2012 North Hills Farmers Market. We chose to go to this little one because it is closer to our home than the big one downtown. It worked better for little love’s morning nap.

When we arrived, this is what we saw…

quick iPhone picture in case it was blog worthy... and it was

White square peaked tents shading a variety of vendors and farmers made into a square around the center of North Hills. Under the tents, farmers with eggs, grass-fed meat, vegetables of all kinds including beets and lettuce, smell the good scent from a mile a way strawberries, vendors with herbs, baked yummies, spices, and colorful fresh-cut flowers. Everyone was laid back and happy. Everyone was enjoying the spring sunshine, the early morning wonderfulness of it all.

I was determined to purchase some herbs. And I was lured into buying a pint of strawberries. Like I said, you could smell them from a mile away. They were SO! red and SO! delicious smelling. I couldn’t resist.

Tyler and I walked around the square once, eyeing and admiring everyone’s goods. After examining what was what and seeing how much everyone charged for whatever they were selling, we settled on basil and flat leaf parsley from a friendly vendor who said they’re guaranteed. “If they die, bring ’em back.” That’s good news for this hopeful green thumb. Then I picked out my pint of strawberries and off we went. Happy couple. Satisfied customers. With a heavy-eyed baby strolling home for morning nap.

My Farmer's Market Treasures

The details for you to enjoy North Hill’s neighborhood farmer’s market

The Center at North Hills
April 21 – November 17
8AM – 12 noon

Here’s a link to the Local Harvest website for more information.

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