READ WORTHY : What I thought about Grace for the Good Girl

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Grace for the Good Girl is written by a North Carolina girl. So automatically, this book and I started on a good foot together. And I was reading the book with a friend, so double good. Two good feet, I guess.
As I got into the book, I thought – yes, I agree with you. I do try to earn my salvation. Yep, I do act like Martha more than Mary. And… well, you’re right, I am a good girl who sometimes gets a little too bent on being good instead of knowing the Lord. There was no real revelation here. And the author just straight pours out from her little dear heart. Which I loved and at other times I thought, in my little pious english-major college graduate self, when will she ever get to her point!?
Well girlfriend let me tell you – she did. And with a precision and a gracious vengeance like none other. (That’s why she wrote the book and not me. I just write this leetle teeny blog.)
Chapter nine was grace like rain. First, hard and sort of beating down on me. But cleansing me nonetheless. And then, surely as rain is known to do, her words were refreshing to me. Energizing even. And I was just so happy – dancing in the grace-rain comin’ down on me. Just loving it! I didn’t care that my hair was wet! That I needed a bath because I was a stinky sinner – I mean, it was so good being clean!! Then the rainbow appeared through the next closing chapters.
And all I wanted to do was sit on a front porch with sweet tea and the author, whose name is , and talk forever.
Since we are sort of close to each other – both being Carolina girls and all – I feel it’s not a complete impossibility.
And besides, she has a blog. So I can sort of sit and talk with her there. … at least, get to listen to her.
Which I am absolutely sure will be better than me sitting there talking about whatever wandering thoughts come to my brain.
I thank the Lord for this woman – she wrote this book for me, I’m pretty sure.
To encourage me as a young woman, a budding wife, a new mom, and a novice bible study teacher.
Really, praise God from whom all blessings flow. His blessings, His grace flows like rain.
sweet tea is the perfect drink to enjoy with company

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