I think it’s such a helpful skill to know how to quickly put together a party. For this spring season, I teach a women’s bible study through my church. Last week, I brought the edible yummies. I want to share with you how I did it because I think that I can share with you some tips and tricks that can be applied to throwing a whole big party.

First I went to Fresh Market, a local upscale grocery store that’s close to my home. Fresh Market is such a good place to go for fresh, prepared baked goods, ripe and ready delicious produce, and specialty drinks. I purchased their French Vanilla pound cake, a big bag of dark purple grapes, a package of fresh raspberries, and raspberry lemonade. I like to use finger foods because it’s casual and it simplifies party hosting for the hostess. There’s no need for cutlery or cake knives or the like.

Second, I piled high a crate that fits easily into my car with my purchased supplies as well as plastic plates and cups along with paper napkins I had on hand - these are good things to keep in a cupboard for a party any time! - and my serveware.

At home, I sliced the vanilla pound cake into halves and spread them nicely out on a plate. Wrapped in saran wrap, that dish was ready for the road.

Alrighty, now that I was all set to go with my purchased and from home supplies, I travelled along my merry way. When I arrived, I unloaded my one crate and hid it in the laundry closet. That’s a good tip, too. Hide your prep work!

When I arrived, I unpacked my goodies, made the drink, washed and plated the grapes, and unwrapped the pound cake. It’s simple as one – two – three.

Delicious fresh french vanilla pound cake sliced and set on my pretty pink milk glass plate
girl, use your silver whenever you can - otherwise, you'lll never have a time to use it!
raspberry lemonade : simply lemonade brand raspberry lemonade with a crate of washed, fresh raspberries added for pretty-ness 🙂
The table is set and ready for a party!


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