Come What May : May Goals

love this ashley brooke design – cute cute!

April showers bring May flowers. And, girl, this is true in my life. Showers and showers of blessings. So many changes. New life, a new me.
I thought it was perfect that we celebrated Easter at the beginning of April this year. Right on top of celebrating Leland’s 6th month birthday.
Christ has resurrected us in His new life. I am a new mom. The Lord’s good providence has been displayed over and over again to me in the last months.

So now that we are fully into May and I don’t want to miss a moment stewarding well all of the blessings that the Lord has given to me in His good grace, here’s a little list of ‘goals’ I have for May

A. Finish the books I have started. This includes The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life, The Meaning of Marriage, The Family, and Grace Based Parenting.
B. Begin to work out again. I have loved Power90 in the past, but I just ordered 30 Day Shred because my sister, a few friends, and a couple of moms recommended it to me. Like one of them said, it’s only 20 minutes. I was sold. And I ordered it on amazon that day.
C. Continue to write on my blog Wednesday – Saturday of each week. So far, so good, I’d say 🙂
D. Tyler and I have made a pact not to drink soda this month.

I don’t want to have too many goals – because like I’ve said in other posts, I can get too goal-oriented and not be God-focused. I want to make sure that every day I really take time to look at and enjoy my husband, my child, and whatever family and friends I encounter that day.

At first glance, I’m a bit overwhelmed. And then I remind myself

Q : How do you eat an elephant?
A : One bite at a time.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Who is my strength. Who upholds me with His right hand, who is the Lifter of my head.

What are your May goals and to-do’s?

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