TRUE LIFE AND LOVE : My Parent’s Anniversary

This is the toast I wrote for my parents’ twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Today, they celebrate their twenty-seventh. Congratulations! I am humbled and happy by and for y’all.

To Daddy and Mommy. Love, Rachel.

I’ve been here almost all along – and I can honestly say that Stan and Carol Potter, my precious parents, have kept – and are still keeping – their marriage vows.
For better or for worse
In sickness and in health
For richer or for poorer
When I explain my parents’ marriage, I explain that through thick – thin – and thinner my parents have bravely stuck it out together.
I think this commitment that my parents have and hold together from May 11, 1985 to now and until death displays perfectly the powerful, grace-filled gospel of Christ in real, everyday life. Not perfect, but always pursuing.
And my mom and dad know what Paul is talking about when he writes, “Without love you have nothing. Love never fails.”
My parents may not have all that the american dream says they’re supposed to, but they do have overflowing riches eternal in the reality of the gospel.
A twenty-five year marriage in the midst of a culture ravaged with divorce; five children – which Solomon in Proverbs deems a man whose quiver is full a very rich man indeed – who love them deeply and dearly and a life full of …
birth, laughter, holidays, tears, fights, dishes, bottles, diapers, nap time, peanut butter and jelly, sandy shoes, swings, cheetos, oreos, and coke, trips to the gas station for a candy bar with dad, birthdays off from school with mom, and sorry family days; new hairstyles, oriental vacations, cheerleading, movies, diplomas, marriage, and the makings of a legacy of love, laughter, and loyalty. And my dad and mom aren’t even fifty years old yet!
Even today is piece of dad and mom’s marriage – a great family and friends get together to celebrate. We remember the past, celebrate today, and look forward to the future.

Happy Anniversary, daddy and mommy – We all look forward to the next seventy-five years!!

young love. true love. faithful love.

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