my latte, dressed and ready to go

we have known about this little hidden treasure at the intersection of honeycutt and falls of neuse even before lafeyette village was built. before the coffee shop’s lease was signed.

tyler and i went to high school and are good friends with the shop’s owner, andrew. we remember the dream conversations with him about opening up a coffee shop. and not any coffee shop. in high school, andrew had traveled to africa a few times. with his church, he had gone to kenya to share the gospel and he had come back changed. in building a coffee shop, he wanted to partner with the african farmers and give back. andrew’s business model provides him the freedom to give 10% of his profit to the farmers from whose fields his shop’s beans come from. what a unique partnership.

photo courtesy nancyrayphotography.com

and not only does andrew own and operate a good looking coffee shop, the coffee tastes great, too.

almost weekly i crave my personal favorite, a mocha. andrew has made more than one smart partnership through his business. he also partners with counter culture who provide his espesso and coffee beans. The milk is from a dairy farm in Julian, NC, right up the road, as we like to say.

The rich espresso, the smooth milk, and the delicious homemade mocha with cool latte art on top make for my favorite mocha.

On top of all of this wonderfulness, everyone in my family loves Jubala. So we have had mini family reunions in Andrew’s shop, which, is something else he envisioned for his shop. He wanted families, friends, communities – Raleigh – to come together around a cup of coffee and enjoy one another’s company.

Here you are, Raleigh, your drink is served – in a good looking mug, with a smart, generous business concept, and by its very own visionary business owner.

all done!

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