Wow! Isn’t it amazing how many philosophies and methods are out there and offered to you when it comes to raising your children?

From the very moment the child is born – demand feeding or a schedule, swaddling or not, whether or not to circumcise your boy, should you call her a princess? – there are so many decisions to be made.

I remember sitting in the chair, my newborn is crying, and my mom, my sister, Tyler’s mom, anybody and everybody who is there is asking me – what should we do with him!?!?! It’s frantic – a newborn cry turns everyone’s ear in sympathy and action. I would just sit there and listen to him, thinking, Praise God he is crying. His lungs are clear and strong. His body works. He is growing. And I would listen to learn. I wanted to learn his cries – to know whether he was hungry, cold, scared, needed a diaper change. I wanted to respond rightly, lovingly, well.

Tyler and I did soon learn his cries, and so much more. The most important thing we have learned is this – to ask the Lord. Do you know that Scripture invites us to ask the Lord for wisdom, and that when we do, the Lord promises to give generously His wisdom to us?

This is my comfort as I plunge into parenting.

James 1:5 reads

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.

So let’s boldly approach His throne of grace and ask in our times of need. Parenting is a time of need. And let’s ask Him for wisdom – for He is the one who fearfully and wonderfully made our little ones – and let’s just watch as He abundantly bestows upon us the gift of His wisdom, more than we could ever ask or imagine or think.

Bless the name of the Lord with me, friend, and let’s raise our children in the love and grace and goodness and truth of the LORD.


  1. Great post, Rachel! I think too many new moms listen to the advice (and even PRESSURE of others, especially family) more than they focus on learning and bonding with their child, and resting in the knowledge that God gave them the baby and will equip them to parent him or her. This modern world allows us quick access to a variety of opinions on everything, and when dealing with a small child, every decision seems like life or death. I pray for my friends with new babies that they will trust in Jesus, lean on His word and let it pour into their lives, and learn to have confidence in the fact that they are the mother. No one else is 🙂 I enjoy reading your thoughts, girl!

  2. This is exactly what I’ve learned – though it seems it took me a lot more time than you! The pressures mount from everywhere – it truly i s a spiritual battle we must face daily! This is actually the entire point of my blog – Thanks for sharing!

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