Here we are, blissful newlyweds, facing our family and friends, entering the world as one.

Do not take me the wrong way; I do not use the ‘for better or for worse’ part of traditional marriage vows – vows that Tyler and I recited from the depths of our hearts five years ago – to communicate a bitter view of marriage. Actually, quite the opposite, I want to communicate the truth that in real marriage, it is a “in all situations, no matter what” commitment that gives us and everyone around us a picture of Christ and the church. And girlfriend, Christ certainly stuck it out for us even in our worst.

During our engagement, I read over and over again the book of Colossians. The Lord spoke so much into my life, my heart and my head, through Paul’s letter to the church of Colossae during those precious six months.

And even now, as Tyler and I celebrate five years of marriage, Colossians is one of my go to books for encouragement and ‘set me in the right way’ instruction from the Lord.

Let me share with you one specific passage.

Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.
(Colossians 3:18 ESV)

Oh girl. Did I not just start with a verse that we all know can be controversial? And I completely did it on purpose. I mean, honey, I know that we all can think of – have been apart of – affected by – bad situations and bad people. And I know we have our stubbon will to deal with. But like the beginning of Colossians lets us know, Christ has dealt with struggles within and enemies around us through the Cross. Christ has dealt with, defeated, and triumphed over. What power! And it is with this power that we can live and live out all that the Lord calls us to. Including submitting to our husbands.

When we obey the Lord, we experience Him, His blessing, His joy, His freedom. This is true when we obey the command to submit to our husband.

I can tell you, friend, that when I submit to Tyler – through practical, simple, every day life and in big, difficult decisions, I FEEL the Lord’s pleasure; His joy in me and over me; I know in my heart His FREEDOM. Submission is not for the dogs. Submission to your husband is an active putting yourself under him for the sake of that him and for the sake, for the glory of the Lord. Real life submission is for the brave, confident, in-Christ woman.

Another word here, friends. Paul would be shocked and direct you the opposite way if he thought you thought he meant to be man-fearing, stupid, non-thinking, and bend over backwards no matter what in any situation, even an unsafe or ungodly one.

Paul does mean we are to in the most godly virtuous way we can with the help of the Holy Spirit actively submit – to come under – one particular man, our own husband, in the fear of the Lord, for His name sake, for His glory, for our good, our happiness, and our joy.

And, when the Lord commands us to do something, and when we obey Him, He does not leave us to our own devices. He fills us, equips us, walks with us, and practically gets the job done for us.

So wives, let us join the Lord in His good work. Let us submit to our husbands.

And here we are, with our precious little

{ both photographs – always autumn studios . com and located at magnolia manor bed and breakfast, warrenton, NC }

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