So please remember, with my little list, I am a little girl. Who needs the Lord every little minute. And please, give me grace. loads of grace! And at the same time, know that I make this list because I think that this is where the Lord has led me, this is the actually what I need to-do’s. And I am sharing it with you as a hope and an encouragement.

Ok, as far as May is concerned…

I did finish one of my books. I am almost finished with another. And I think I will put aside for now while we are travelling the third one.
30 Day Shred about shredded me in the first two days. I used 5 lb weights and I should have used 2 lb (which I don’t have…). I could barely carry my son up the stairs. That was no good. So we will see.
I have been writing my blog – and would have posted last week but we had a bit of computer issues. I have decided as we travel this summer to post when I can and not necessarily stick to the Wed-Sat schedule.
I drank a coke with caffeine and all the real sugar June 1. 🙂 – but it was good not to drink soda in May and I want to drink water water water this summer. and sweet tea (let’s be honest).

And now…

Happy June.

1. Read A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and write a review.
2. Begin my thousand thankful list.
3. Memorize Proverbs 31:10-31.

Honestly, I hesitate to share this one with you. Not because I am ashamed of the bible or scripture memorization. But usually when I think of hiding the Word in my heart, I think of good girls with good goals who actually complete them and get a gold star. And while all of that is good, I mean who doesn’t love a gold star!?, this time I am memorizing Proverbs 31 The Excellent Wife passage because I need Him every hour. And Scripture promises that when you tuck away the Lord’s treasure in your heart, you will reap His rich reward. And I NEED HIM, remember!? I am just being honest. I cannot be a good wife, an excellent wife, a wife worthy of praise (or even a polite smile) without HIM. So here goes, friends. Please join me if you will.

4. Workout consistently.

This was one of my May Goals that I did not really start. I tried. It’s just been something hard for me to figure out exactly how to incorporate back into my life with a little one on my hip. So I’m just putting it on this list and trying again and again.

Here’s to June! and the fact that today the high temp where we are was only 75 degrees. That’s almost funny, isn’t it?

summer’s sweet tea {southernliving.com}


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