summer livin’

I want to share with you a little glimpse into our summer…

This summer is going to be a summer like no other for our family. My husband plays lead guitar for Matt papa. He also is the road manager. The band is scheduled for 8 or 9 weeks this summer. And for all but one of them, the Lord has graciously made the way for little boy & me to travel with him. Today marks the first day. The Saturday before Memorial Day. We are in the band van, fondly names sittarra (I don’t know how you spell this…), which means driftwood. We are following the Lord. We are loving God with our all, or at least trying to. And we’d rather die trying. We have the van & trailer packed to the brim with band gear and baby gear. We so yearn and pray for this summer to be bigger than ourselves. It’s about making the name of Jesus known. Great. Famous. Missions exists because worship doesn’t. So we are on a mission as a band (and families) to open the doors of heaven that people may come in and worship the Risen Savior. Here we go.

* This is a journal entry from the first day of our summer on the road, May 26.

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