Happy Independence Day!

So my family celebrated 4th of July on the 7th. We thought this was appropriate because…

Tyler was out of town on the 4th and would be back on the weekend.
My sister came into town that weekend.
And of course, who doesn’t love a cookout on the weekend!?

So we decided to celebrate a little later.

Traditionally – if you can call this a tradition – Tyler and I ‘host’ 4th of July celebration for our families. It’s his family, my family, and my sister’s family – her husband. So we all celebrate together in our home.

This year, we celebrated with a cookout

hot dogs and all of the fixins’ supplied by us
cheese ball, chips, pasta salad provided by my mom
red, white, and blue fruit tray brought over by one of my sisters
ice cream galore brought by my other sister and her husband
deviled eggs, fresh, juicy watermelon, and bratwursts shared by tyler’s parents

and we all enjoyed it! and truly had plenty to share with probably a whole other family!

Then we headed to the pool. Everyone was super! excited to see little man at the pool. He LOVES the water. In excitement he shrieks, gliding through the pool. He sticks his face in it; he doggy-paddles; he kicks and splashes and drinks the water. So much fun!!!

We ended our night with sparklers. We didn’t make it to the big fireworks display downtown, but we did have our own mini display right on our front lawn. Which sounds magnificent, but was tiny and fun with family. We are silly and great in our own way.

Now, let me say, I love having people in my home for a party so I can decorate! And I was sad when I wheeled through Target only two days after Independence Day and could find NO clearance 4th of July decor. So I went home and used what I had, which of course was just perfect.

I love to decorate my entry way with streamers any time we have a party! (Ok, Tyler really is the one who hangs them… 😉
We all had to guess how many red, white, and blue marshmallows were in the jar – whoever guessed the closest won the marshmallows!
I chose these red and white polka dot napkins because this is what Target had!
When I think of summer cookouts, I think coke!
I put together cokes in ice in a red bucket on a blue tray for an easy, inviting centerpiece!
My sister’s creativity : Simple chocolate cupcakes smothered in white icing and decorated with red and blue ‘fireworks’ M&Ms make for the perfect 4th of July treat!
Doesn’t this flag tray just say it all for Independence Day!?
The night would not have been complete without my favorite, sparklers!!!!

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