Well, August, Here We Are

Today is only two days away from the middle of August. We have been reacquainting ourselves to home life. And then we just came back from vacation. Today is recovery day. Today is start fresh day.

What a funny month, you are, August. And I do so enjoy you. Summer heat, sweet tea. Relaxing days, family nights.

To review July, it was long. and good. and the Lord really taught me so much about Himself, about me. about us. And now I am hiding all of these treasures in my heart, working out my salvation, seeing where He is taking me.

With my little goals and aspirations in mind, here’s where I am…

The blog post on One Thousand Gifts is written. What do you think?

I have memorized Proverbs 31:10-31. As a help, I love the Fighter Verses app. It’s an iphone app that Tyler and I have been using to help us to memorize scripture. It has quizzes and fill in the blanks and all around is just really great.

I am currently going verse by verse through The Excellent Wife passage and writing down what the Lord has been and is teaching me. My overarching prayer is to be a woman who fears the Lord.

In the fear and admonition of the Lord, I did not follow through with the 7 Day Arm Challenge. You may find this funny, especially since the Proverbs 31 Woman ‘makes her arms strong.’ But the Lord really had me lay down my body as a living sacrifice to Him this month. Of course, always, but in a new way this month, in a way to remind me that I am HIS.

Today, in the fear of the Lord, I got up EARLY (for me) and began my day in the Word and then with a workout. Tyler, sweet thing, joined me. This week will be the hardest, the first week. But when the Lord calls you, He sustains you – even in the day to day. So I am counting on that!!!!!

I did complete Cynthia Heald’s study on Becoming an Excellent Wife. Yep, I’m not one. But the Lord is doing His work in me and with all of my little strength and all of the Holy Spirit’s help, I WILL stick my nose to the Lord’s and see Him through, see Him faithful in my life.

Healthy eating habits up and running – vacation was a little departure, and those brownies and oreos and cokes sure were good. However tonight for dinner we are having my favorite – grilled chicken. 🙂

Did you know my son is TEN MONTHS!? WHAT! I know it makes complete sense – last month he was nine months. But this means we are heading into one years old (gasp!) and it means we are planning a party! We will celebrate the LORD!!! He has done GREAT things! I am sooooooooo excited!

Alrighty, so for August, it’s all about holding down the fort and making a fresh start.

1. Early to bed, early to rise.

2. Writing a few more blog posts before this month is complete.

3. Planning and preparing for his party before Labor Day Weekend (we go out of town)… and we go out of town in the middle of September – which is why I am starting to plan for his party now!

4. Don’t forget Tyler’s birthday which is September 15th. And I really do want to make his special this year. Each year is such a precious treasure gift from the Lord.

So, middle of August, here I come!!

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