Local Love : A Farmer’s Market Feast

Tyler and I had some of our best friends visit us a few weekends ago. Together, we enjoyed North Carolina’s Farmers Market – first, breakfast! then, vegetable ‘picking.’

We all enjoyed a good country breakfast – Tyler and I shared the farmer’s breakfast, which I am pretty sure included every possible option save the omelet.

Then we headed over with our sleepy baby and excited friends to the fresh produce. We had to go quickly because little man was falling apart. But we sure did get some good stuff!

Anika and I spent the afternoon cooking our little hearts out – and here’s what we enjoyed for dinner that night! Truly a southern fresh summer feast.

we gathered all of this and more from the farmer’s market – at this point, the squash is already in the casserole dish, ready to go!
these peaches tasted like dessert and the blackberries were a perfect pairing with them
a good friend of mine, and true southern lady, Lila, made this delicious rosea jelly. What is rosea jelly, you ask? It’s flower petals melted down with sugar. The fragrance and color is beautiful and the flavor, light. We enjoyed the jelly on sister shubert dinner rolls, our favorite.
Anika and I fried okra for our first time – and it was perfect! Honestly, it’s really a simple process and I want to do it more often.
Tyler wasn’t sure he even liked squash casserole, but this recipe won him over! It was so fresh and yummy to my tummy; good southern comfort food.
I asked Anika to look through some family recipes to choose dessert. Of all the recipes, of course she chose Mema’s Quick Fudge Cake. It is a delicious!!!! cake that honestly wows me every time.

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